YOUR SYSTEM, spol. s r.o. 

A leading supplier of information technologies and systems in the Czech Republic.

YS_squaredynamic company with more than 25 years of history
YS_squareemploys about 250 employees
YS_squareprovides support service 24 x 7 all over the Czech Republic from its 5 branch offices
YS_squarehas stable background with clear technical and technology know-how
YS_squareis focused on long-term partnership development based on mutual reliability and trust

Our certifications:

Our company has implemented the integrated system of quality and possesses the following certifications: 

YS_squareISO 9001 Quality of Services Provided
YS_squareISO 20000-1 ICT Services Management
YS_squareISO 27001 Information Security
YS_squareISO 14001 Environment Protection
YS_squareOHSAS 18001 Health Safety & Security