Card Management and Petrol Station Systems

Division of Card Management and Petrol Station Systems provides comprehensive solutions for petrol stations.

Characteristic features of our product line MyOCTO:

  • Reliability – guarantee of operation without outage with minimal costs of servicing
  • Comprehensive monitoring and remote management of petrol stations with minimum communication requirements
  • Simple use – using the cash register with screen touch
  • Central management of petrol station operating parameters
  • Extensive capabilities with payment instruments
  • Wide range of hardware configuration of petrol station
  • Minimize the possibility of abuse – the system records all actions that are performed by employees of petrol stations
  • Integration with camera system
  • Permanent support from our HelpDesk – thanks to our several branches across the country we are always here for you

We provide: 

  • Self-service container petrol stations
  • Control system for petrol stations
  • Self-service dispenser for petrol stations
  • Camera and security systems
  • Automatic tank gauge and leakage control
  • Storage tanks (fuel and AdBlue)
  • Construction work
  • Wiring
  • Dispensers
  • Underground technologies
  • OCTO service
  • Outsourcing of Operation






Other services and solutions:

  • Consulting
  • Petrol Stations Operational Efficiency
    • Cost-benefit analysis
    • Fraud management
    • Fuel and lubricants product choice
    • Legislation
    • Mystery shopping
  • Processing of operational documentation
  • Service Activities
  • Setup of Processes and Responsibilities
  • System Integration
  • Support
    • HelpDesk for both customers
  • Operational Provision
    • Organization of operational delivery