IS Security

In YOUR SYSTEM, security management on the highest level is seen as an important part of an organization. The technical solution is just one part of the safety implementation. Actually, security is determined by legislative, contractual, process and business requirements as well as top management decisions. Added value of our security consulting is conformity assessment with security requirements given by the legislation.

We provide not only comprehensive security service, but we have also services for single integration projects. Apart from security solutions we are able to help our clients with project assignment, opponencies or we can partake in management of supplied projects.

Other services and solutions:

  • The Law on Cyber Security
  • Information Security Management Portal
  • Risk Management (Risk analysis)
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Security audit
  • Information Security Management Outsourcing
  • Service Desk/Helpdesk
  • CCTV, EZS and EPS systems
  • Physical information security
  • Application security
  • Database security
  • Technology Security Architecture
  • Design of systems with high availability
  • Technology Safety
  • ICT Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Security Management Centre
  • Information Security Management