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Integrated management system policy

YOUR SYSTEM, SPOL. s ro is primarily engaged in the supply of office and computer equipment, consulting in the field of hardware and software, design and implementation of solutions in the field of information systems and the development and integration of custom information systems. Strict focus on meeting customer needs, continuous improvement of processes in the field of services, while maintaining environmental protection and compliance with information security rules, led the company to decide to implement an integrated quality management system, project organization, service management, information security, environment and security work and health protection at work according to internationally recognized standards ISO 9001, ISO 21500, ISO / IEC 20000-1, ISO / IEC 27001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 .


We understand as key points of the Integrated Management System in our organization:


• a management system based on the priority of fulfilling the actual and expected wishes of customers;
• existence of a stable background with clear technical and technological know-how;
• constant innovation of products and services provided to customers according to the development of IT technologies;
• perfect communication with customers and within the organization for complete identification of requirements;
• continuous improvement of provided services, use of new promising technologies with better parameters;
• application and adherence to standards in project management;
• offering a portfolio of services that will satisfy even the most demanding customers and lead to the support of their business processes;
• continuous development of IT service management based on the best experience in the field;
• management and quality operation of the Service Desk and related key processes;
• ensuring adequate protection of information, know-how and all important assets of the company and our customers in accordance with contractual requirements, legislation and our internal regulations;
• the optimal solution for ensuring that all important information assets are adequately protected;
• elimination of risks related to the security of all important assets of the company;
• reducing the level of all risks to an acceptable level;
• use of available technical and organizational means to prevent possible risks;
• prevention of environmental pollution;
• continuous improvement of the company's environmental profile;
• behave ecologically in terms of the Waste Act;
• support for the careful disposal of electrical equipment within the collective system and waste recycling;
• reducing the material and energy intensity of the activities operated and thus saving primary raw material resources;
• spreading environmental awareness within the organization as well as towards relevant suppliers and cooperating entities;
• ensuring safe and healthy working conditions;
• setting out specific responsibilities at all levels of management;
• training and motivation of employees through programs of continuous improvement of services and processes and through regular training;
• open co-operation in case of suggestions and comments from state administration bodies, business partners, interest organizations and also the general public.


In order to comply with this policy, it is necessary to follow all valid documentation related to the integrated system without exception, and to contribute to the prevention of safety or other adverse events by consistent compliance with safety rules, and thus to the stability of the entire integrated management system. Any intentional threat to the quality of services provided, the environment, information security or occupational safety will be considered a breach of work discipline, or a breach of legal regulations and will also be assessed according to the seriousness of the breach.


The company's management is aware that without the creation of sufficient resources, as well as without the understanding and cooperation of all employees, this strategy cannot be fulfilled. It therefore undertakes to provide all necessary resources, organizational conditions and overall support for the processes for implementing, maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management system, as well as providing resources for the professional growth of its employees and strengthening their accountability to meet the requirements of this policy; rules of the integrated management system. Management also undertakes to comply with all relevant laws and other requirements that apply to the organization's activities and all aspects thereof.


We actively support this integrated policy inside and outside the company and call on all employees of the company to contribute to the further development of the company with their active approach and ideas leading to the fulfillment of the company's strategy. We also expect compliance with these principles from our suppliers and other cooperating entities within the framework of mutual cooperation.

The full text of the integrated policy can be found here .

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