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IT infrastructure services


We provide IT infrastructure support and operation services to companies and organizations of all sizes, from design through delivery, installation, integration to subsequent operation support. Based on many years of experience and a team of professionals, we are able to provide a wide portfolio of services that can be interconnected into one functional unit, or use only a certain part of the services offered. Get to know our services YourDESK, YourMONITOR, YourREMOTE, YourSERVICE.


Non-stop support by the physical operator of Yourdesk workplace, who can help with basic user problems.


We provide comprehensive outsourcing from the design of HW components, including its rental to physical user support at the customer's site.


We remotely monitor the condition of the customer's infrastructure and are able to provide redress in advance of an absolute outage.

Infrastuturní dodávky

ICT security


We solve the area of IT security on several levels. We are able to secure both end devices and border elements of the network. We can secure data so that it is resistant to Ransomware and at the same time monitor the entire infrastructure. We can train users to gain knowledge that will significantly reduce the possibility of company attacks and data loss. We can process data recovery plans and security documentation. Last but not least, we can install camera systems with advanced software features.

Key services

We operate technology on critical infrastructure in the state.


By combining SW and HW products, we protect clients from the effects of Ransomware.

You know that

90% of all hacker attacks are led by phishing campaigns?

Komplxní dodávky

Complex deliveries of IRS systems

As a system integrator, we provide comprehensive supplies of information systems, technologies and infrastructure for the components of the integrated rescue system (Police of the Czech Republic and emergency medical services) from the design phase of these systems, through implementation to subsequent support. These systems are aimed at supporting the performance of IRS units (receipt and processing of emergency calls, management of forces and resources, communication technologies). We cooperate with leading companies in this field.


The EMS dispatching will handle an average of 150 thousand 155 outgoing groups to patients per year and sends 300 outgoing groups to patients.


We cooperate with 18 partner companies in the field of system integration for IRS units.

Call overflows

You know that when line 158 is overloaded in one region, the system automatically redirects you to another region, so you always call.

Inteligentní portály

Smart portals and
content management systems

Let's take your online content marketing to the next level with the YOUR Engagement platform!  The solution will help you build robust content portals with an overlap with other online marketing tools. We use modern and proven content management systems; we pay attention to high security; we operate according to modern industrial requirements and we do not forget about accessibility and straightforward maneuverability.


We develop and operate portals that are visited by millions of users per month.

Brand strategy

We help fulfill the brand strategy and build a brand for the largest companies.


We use large commercial CMS as well as modern Headless CMS

Platforma obyvatel
smart-city (1).png

Platform of inhabitants of towns and villages

A system with an intelligent mobile application that serves as a helper for everyday life and supports the involvement of citizens in municipal events. Through it, the user is specifically informed about current events in the area, which he sets himself in the application, whether it is a place of residence or other places of interest. He is informed about extraordinary events, accidents, waste collection, traffic restrictions, as well as cultural, social and sporting events, in short, what is happening in his surroundings.


Thanks to the openness of the system interface, more and more data sources of information are gradually being integrated, and they can disseminate interesting data  system users also co-decide.

Machine learning

The product is based on an innovative development project in the field of public self-government,  includes 9 methods of algorithmization and data processing, including natural language processing (NLP).


Thanks to the connection of RSS channels, you receive current information from any part of Prague.


Cash register and ticketing systems

We offer our customers a time-tested, modern and efficient cash register system of our own production. Thanks to the development of the so-called "in-house", we are able to personalize our solutions always tailored to the requirements of individual clients, whether it is gas stations, cities and towns, entertainment areas such as zoos, swimming pools, monuments, etc., or shops and dispensaries of any assortment.


Thanks to their modular design, OCTO systems are ideal for the sale of all goods and services. Our customers can use one system for all their operations, regardless of what goods or services they sell.

Mobile application

We always try to simplify and make their work as pleasant as possible for our customers. Therefore, as part of our cash register systems, you will find, for example, a mobile application for inventory of goods via a mobile phone, or a direct connection to accounting systems (for example POHODA).


All our systems are regularly updated so that our customers always use the latest features and tools that we regularly add to OCTO systems.


Comprehensive deliveries
for gas stations

We have long provided one of the widest offers of technological and software solutions for the area of filling stations and, thanks to our own software products from the OCTO series, not only for them. We always emphasize the individual approach to the customer and the needs of its operation, whether it is fuel storage technology, fuel dispensing technology, monitoring and registration technology, technology for internal and internal operations, oil farms, software for gas stations, payment solutions, cash register systems, fast charging stations or other technologies for the petrochemical industry.


Did you know that today there are more than 350 filling stations with OctoPOS systems, most of them in 24/7 mode? You can find them throughout the Czech Republic, at more than 6 different gas station networks.

We offer

In our offer you will find not only our own OCTO products, but also an offer of more than 150 different products from 6 renowned foreign partners that we represent in the Czech Republic.


We have our own service team, but at the same time we are certified to train cooperating service organizations. For our technologies, you can choose from a wide range of available service partners, tailored to your needs, and according to your location.

Pokladní systémy
Komplexní dodávky
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