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Smart portals and
content management systems

Let's take your online content marketing to the next level with YOUR  Engagement platform!

With our / your  The YOUR Engagement Platform will help you build robust content portals with an overlap with other online marketing tools.  

   • We use a robust and well-known CMS; 
   • We pay attention to high security; 
   • We operate according to modern industrial requirements; 
   • We also do not forget about accessibility and straightforward manageability.  

Our solution in conjunction with our team has become a key partner for, for example, ŠKODA AUTO or CzechTourism Agency A in providing services in the field of consulting, development and operation of portal or other web solutions.

YS Engagement Platform - robust portal solutions to support digital marketing and build your brand through the power of quality content and online services. | , ,

Brand Portal - complete CI / CD catalog in one place and online |

Content Hub - a single place and unified access to the content of your social web portal channels.

Technology and environment:
   • We send clients exclusively to the cloud: Amazon AWS, MS Azure.
   • Virtualization speaks for itself: Kubernetes or Docker Sworm.
   • Terraform -  it's not over to gite a server and service infrastructure over the cloud!
   • In the morning we get up and delete a few lines in PHP, JS, Java and others (according to the mood).
   • HeadLess CMS without a head it goes  - Kentico, WordPress or Strapi. 
   • Frontend - do you like ReactJS, Vue.JS or perhaps static HTML? It is important to make the right choice.
   • CI / CD - as we write the code, we approve in one round, we automatically test, build, publish and deploy new versions.


​Complex deliveries of IRS systems


IT infrastructure services

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