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We help these important clients
and they inspire us with their stories

We always try to deliver solutions to our clients with something extra. Let them be innovative solutions, nowhere before

unused, or a combination of existing solutions and their proper integration, always on delivery, we think above all
to the needs of the client and we work closely with him.

Záchranné služby

Providing development and support services within

integrated information systems and

emergency medical technologies

services in 7 regions (including Prague), including

deliveries of complete HW and SW architecture

and own HW and system SW.

Elektro win

Development and operation of the central ERP
electrical waste collection control system and
its recycling. Includes all
counterparties in detail covers the whole
recycling process from electrical waste collection,
their processing, sale of material i
calculation of remuneration of entities involved in
collection, collection and processing
electrical waste


Creating, delivering and managing a single
system, technological, integration and
exchange information platforms
data within the centers and units of the Police of the Czech Republic.
Operational centers are involved, which
provide simplification and automation
activities of the operations operations officer
real - time events and related services with
emphasis on information security.


Ensuring the operation and development of web
Czech Tourism applications, including
portal,,, Continuous
development ensures constant attractiveness and
marketing support agency.


Providing development and support services
international digital marketing
using robust portal solutions.
Websites support the brand
ŠKODA and its sponsorship activities - hockey,
cycling, motorsport and more.


Providing support for key parts
TSK infrastructure and development and administration
external and internal web portals.

Screenshot from 2022-02-14 14-21-58.png
Praha 14

My 14 is a communication platform within
the city district of Prague 14. The aim of the system is
involvement of the population in local events and
integrates data sources for comprehensive
informing citizens and their feedback.


In the role of the official Partner of the company
we provide external recrtuitment services
IT specialists. We participate in development
web and mobile applications.

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